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MCM Global Team represents a unique opportunity for our customers as we make it possible for our clients to acquire one or a combination of individual services at one source.

Music Consulting Management Global has the necessary expertise and connectivity from a business and artists perspective. This is an imperative as one cannot live without the other and often a little help is required to make them connect.

MCM Global is the conduit bridging the gap. We have the capability to coordinate each and every activity necessary to achieve the desired goal on the best possible level. Our clients’ success is our success.

Our clients can be assured that our targeted approach to marketing tailor made for each and every client and their unique products in a combination with perfectly orchestrated timing it is possible to achieve the required results.

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Over the years MCM Global has established a global network inclusive of record labels, music producers, radio stations and tour-promoters and we are well positioned to create programs specific to our clients’ unique requirements. The goal is always the same. No problems, only solutions.

MCM Global Team.




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